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Our satellite: DEIMOS-1


ico_not_home.gif A satellite based on the DMC concept


Our satellite is our own automatic spatial platform with a small size and latest technology that provides optic and infra-red  images adapted to the study of the earth's vegetation cover. 


DEIMOS-1 is based on the concept Microsat-100 from Surrey. Both the external case and the system, already tested in SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technologies Limited), have been reused in order to adjust costs. It has been specially insisted on the improvement of the image capacities, storage, transmission and electricity provision to the different systems.

Satélite Deimos 3D  



The satellite is conceived for obtaining Earth images with a good enough resolution to study the terrestrial vegetation cover, although with a great range of visual field in order to obtain those images with high temporal resolution and at a reduced cost.

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