USDA crop monitoring 

Since 2011, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has used Deimos-1 as its main satellite imagery source to monitor more than 100 types of crops in the U.S., daily, and to produce its annual 30-m Cropland Data Layers which classifies all types of crops in the country.


Dependable data: one complete coverage of the U.S. every 15 days during the growing season (April to October), more than 90% cloud-free and with daily acquisitions.

Consistent service: every day, for six months out of each year, more than 1 million km2 of cloud-free data is delivered.

Dedicated processing and quality control: all data is orthorectified with <1-pixel GSD accuracy, allowing high-quality multitemporal analyses.

Fast response: most of the data delivered within a few hours from acquisition.


Worldwide Precision Ag support

Leading solution providers use Deimos-1 imagery to analyze crop conditions throughout the world by supplementing weather information with daily updated imagery. These analyses assist farmers worldwide in making better decisions about supply conditions and risk.

Irrigation management 

Since 2012, Deimos-1 has been providing a high-frequency monitoring service in selected crop fields throughout the U.S. In cooperation with KS & A1B, Deimos-1 provides a unique imagery service of one image every two days. This frequency of fresh imagery allows for the management of crop field irrigation with unprecedented precision. The status of every 20x20 m area is assessed every two days and irrigation can be commanded with incredible precision, resulting in huge water savings and a large increase in crop yields.

 This near-daily monitoring allows for the early detection of crop illnesses, enabling the farmer to take quick action to minimize crop damage.


Farmstar Project

Farmstar is a precision farming service based on satellite imagery. Its service requires Deimos-1 multispectral imagery at 20m resolution in the Farmstar area of interest (~400,000 kmĀ²) within 4 different temporal windows from November to May, which were defined to detect differences in crops growing between several regions of France. 

From December to May, Farmstar service delivers to farmers, a range of products on winter crops (wheat, barley and rapeseed), to help growers (final end-users) make management decisions during the growing season. Farmstar service provides recommendation maps for input management (nitrogen), crop monitoring and crop stress identification based on satellite images and crop development models. This service is available in France, Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary and other countries.


National Agriculture Insurance Agroseguro

Since 2018, on a monthly basis, Deimos Imaging has been providing the status of Spain's grasslands to thousands of end users across the country.

This data allows the management of supplementary food payments in accordance with each entity's circumstances.

AGROSEGURO supports crop insurance for all Spanish users based on the results of this project every year.  All information is linked to very strong historical data, and, it is verified by specialized working groups belonging to the Agriculture Ministry of Spain.