The western Sahara Desert was hit by an asteroid 20.000 years ago. From its impact remains a big and circular crater of 1.9 km in diameter.
At first, Geologist thought the crater was caused by a volcano but further analysis demostrated that was from an asteroid impact.
Deimos-2 captured this image to commemorate this important day.

MeteorCrater Arizona Asteroid Day

Meteor crater was caused 50,000 years ago due to a collision of an 1.2km-wide asteroid.
The crater acquired it’s name from the nearby post office, curiously called Meteor.
The crater is located in Northern Arizona and it´s the world’s best preserved meteorite impact site on Earth.
The site is officially named Canyon Diablo Crater even though scientists refer it as Barringer Crater, in honor of the first geologist who suggested that was produced by a meteorite impact.