Complementing your situational awareness at speed.

Actionable intelligence that keeps pace with your mission.

Your challenge.

When you’re dealing with remote or conflict-prone areas and rapidly-evolving situations, you need as much information as you can get your hands on. Perhaps you need to get an accurate picture but can’t risk having boots on the ground. Or maybe you need up-to-date data as quickly as possible to support personnel in the field. You need information to help you make the right call quickly and make decisions which will stand up to scrutiny.

Scientific-quality satellite imagery can enhance your situational awareness, giving you actionable intelligence for locations anywhere in the world. And, in fast-changing situations, having accurate, near-real-time information at your fingertips can make all the difference.

Our approach.

We provide fresh, geoanalytics-ready imagery to feed your IMINT and GEOINT analysis. Because our constellation of satellites is the largest of its kind, we offer a wide range of sensor options and resolutions, while our imagery service delivers competitively-priced, multi-spectral imagery straight to you.

Our dedicated premises give you enhanced privacy, full control and confidentiality you can rely on, while our mission-tailored tools are specially designed to support your needs.

Monitor hotspots daily – anywhere in the world.

No conflict zone is off limits. Get daily coverage of any area in the world with no restrictions thanks to our flexible multi-resolution virtual constellation. And if you need information fast, our 24/7 emergency tasking and delivery service can supply you with the imagery you need in under 45 minutes.

Detect developments with medium- and high-resolution imagery.

Get the big picture and detect activity and changes using our MR and HR imagery (1-20 m resolution). This detection imagery gives you a general overview and critical knowledge that you can use as a base map when it comes to tasking very-high-resolution satellites over a site of interest.

Co-ordinate satellites to investigate the details.

Once you’ve detected developments, our very-high-resolution identification imagery will give you the data you need to investigate them in greater detail. These 0.4-1m resolution geoanalytics-ready images feed into your IMINT and GEOINT analysis and are central to helping you identify military facilities and structures, ships, planes and other assets.

A clear view of the situation. As often as you need it.

We can capture entire countries 2-3 times in a single week using of medium- and high-resolution satellites. Our very-high-resolution satellites can capture specific hotspots daily, giving you accurate, up-to-date information to help you identify relevant targets.

Key Benefits

Get daily coverage – anywhere.

We cover the whole world with no restrictions, enhancing your situational awareness for any mission, anywhere in the world.

Detect activity more efficiently.

Using a technique called tipping and cueing, we co-ordinate our medium- and very-high-resolution satellites so you can detect activity at 1-20m resolution and then identify objects at 1-0.4m.

Stay in control.

Our different ground station services give you augmented privacy, full control and complete confidentiality – essential for sensitive missions.