EarthNet, a Research Program

Are you a researcher or scientist? You can access our Deimos Imaging data through EarthNet, the R&D support program.

In addition to providing users with data from its own Earth Observation Satellites, the European Space Agency (ESA) uses its multi-mission ground systems to process, archive and distribute data from many other satellites, so-called Third-Party Missions, of which Deimos Imaging is a part. 

Researchers and developers for non-commercial applications can access to:

DEIMOS-1 Full archive and tasking data: 22m resolution imagery with a very wide 650 km swath.
DEIMOS-2 Full archive and tasking data:  Very High Resolution (VHR) imagery.

Please find below the instructions to apply for Deimos Imaging data and submit your R&D project:

Submission area for Project proposal
Guidelines for the submission of Project proposals
Submit a new Proposal


What DMI offers to the scientific community?

Deimos Imaging, with its satellites, monitors the whole Earth’s surface, 24/7 and provides data in less than an hour with its Emergency & Disaster delivery system. DMI can support researchers with remote sensing applications, such as forestry, maritime and customized projects.  Other support initiatives include providing imagery of natural disasters, wildfires, flooding, tsunamis, oil spills, deforestation & mining.


How Deimos Imaging has been contributing to scientific research:

·         Tropforest: Full coverage of tropical areas in the world, specifically in Africa, Asia & America.

·         DMI was the first mission to acquire images of the Fukushima tsunami in 2011.

·         Greece's Wildfires: DMI was the first company to provide satellite imagery to the Hellenic Military Geographic Service in 2018.

·         Providing to ESA, full image coverage of Europe, with 50 cm-class satellites (VHR). 

·         COVID-19 initiative: Deimos-2 (D2) is monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on the world, supporting the European Commission (EC) through the provision of D2 products (archive and new acquisition).

Deimos-2 Image, Port of Singapore


Deimos-1 Image, Cacheu River Mangroves Natural Park, Guinea-Bissau


Deimos-2 Image, Germano Mine, Brazil


Deimos-1 Image, Boqueron, Paraguay Deforestation




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