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DEIMOS-2 Image of the Week (acquired on 3/5/2016): Teruel’s Airport

This image shows aircrafts in the Teruel’s airport, recognized as de aeronautical plataform of Teruel, PLATA, located in the autonomous community of Aragón, northeastern’s Spain. The airport is a peculiar one, specialized in aircrafts maintenance and storage, without involving passengers, cargo transportations or crews. The area’s records only 57 raining days yearly, and a relative humidity of 65%. With these climatic characteristics, the aircrafts are save from corrosion’s problems, besides their stay in Teruel’s facility can be as long as an entire season. The landing runway measures 2.8 km, allowing an easy landing for different typologies of aircraft. Teruel is Europe’s largest MRO and parking airport, counting on 340 hectares of available space. From its opening, nearly 3 years ago, the airport has seen its landing and take off operations being triplicated. For this reason, the public consortium managing the airport, plans to have ready its first expansion this more

DEIMOS-1 Image of the Week (acquired on 1/5/2016): Cultivations in Saudi Arabia

This false-colour image shows agricultural structures near Hail, Saudi Arabia. The circular features are created by centre-pivot irrigation systems, where a long water pipe rotates around a well at the centre. The shades of red indicate how sensitive is the Deimos-1’s multispectral instrument to differences in chlorophyll content and vegetation cover, providing key information on vegetation health. In this image, the brighter reds indicate more photosynthetically active vegetation. Due to the scarcity of surface water in the Arabian península, the wáter used for agricultural activities is drained from fossil reservoirs at around 1 km more