Actionable insights for precision agriculture.

Precision farming needs accurate, frequent and on-time signals to help detect changes to agricultural lands, monitor productivity and forecast yield levels.

We give you a global geographical scope and enhanced range of scientific-quality agricultural imagery and information with a variety of resolutions, spectral bands and sensor types. We also offer value-added products which allow you to calculate crops health indices, such as NDVI, EVI, CVI and GNDVI. View and discover our Agriculture story map:

Key benefits

High-frequency, multi-resolution and multi-spectral monitoring.

Our wide range of multi-sensor, multi-spectral and multi-resolution imagery makes frequent monitoring possible – from continental to plot-level scale.

Comprehensive crop intelligence.

Our comprehensive range of crop intelligence and geoanalytics will inform your decision-making and maximise yield potential.

User-friendly access.

Our user-driven apps give you easy access to your data, so you can make the most of value-added products and geo-analytics services.
Case Studies

Harnessing the power of imagery to boost productivity.

Did you know?

Deimos Imaging's analytics-ready data allows the USDA to monitor and classify 100+ crop types across the US.

Did you know?

Our imagery data and geoanalytical solution offers unprecedented value to agribusinesses worldwide.

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