Defense & Security

Actionable intelligence for mission-critical areas at the speed of change.

Complementing the situational awareness picture for any mission, anywhere in the world is crucial for defense and security organisations. We provide actionable intelligence for remote and conflict-prone areas without the risk and cost of having people on-site.

We offer a global geographical scope and a huge variety of actionable information with different resolutions and sensor types. Our imagery can be used to detect and identify operations and gather intelligence for applications such as border surveillance and illegal activity detection. View and discover our hot spot monitoring story map:

Key benefits

Cover mission-critical areas anywhere in the world.

We provide fresh, information-rich and geoanalytics-ready imagery to feed your IMINT and GEOINT analysis – with no area restrictions.

Enhanced privacy, confidentiality and control.

Our dedicated premises and mission-tailored tools are specially designed to support defense and security needs: enhancing privacy and confidentiality, and giving you full control.

A wide range of agile, cost-effective sensors.

Our wide range of agile options - including tipping and cueing - for multi-sensor, multi-spectral and multi-resolution imagery are available.
Case Studies

Leveraging actionable information for safety, security and defense.

Did you know?

We can capture any place in the world, with no restrictions, daily.

Did you know?

Our data is crucial for activity-based intelligence in remote locations.

Did you know?

We capture and deliver new imagery in within 30 minutes through our 24/7 tasking and delivery service.

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