DEIMOS-1 Image of the week (acquired 15/03/2015): Colorado River Delta2017-12-23T09:25:58+00:00

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DEIMOS-1 Image of the week (acquired 15/03/2015): Colorado River Delta

The Colorado river flowing into the Gulf of California – also referred to as the Sea of Cortés, is pictured in this satellite image. The delta is located between the two mexican states of Baja California (left) and Sonora (right). The large island visible in the image´s center is Montague. The Upper Gulf of California and Colorado River Delta have been designed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Nature reserve. A large portion of the Biosphere reserve has been included in the RAMSAR list of wetlands of international importance. Reduced freshwater, deteriorating water quality and nutrient, along with poorly-managed and non-selective fishing practices, exposed this once-rich ecosystem to great danger. Recently, water is being returned to a few parts of the dried-out delta – and those parts are blooming again.