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DEIMOS-2 Image of the Week (acquired 17/03/2015): Port Vila, Vanuatu

The city of Port Vila, capital of Vanuatu, and its surroundings are captured in this image.
Vanuatu, officially the Republic of Vanuatu, is an Oceanian island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. The archipelago includes 13 large islands and about 70 small ones. The majority of the islands have volcanic origin, are covered by rain forests and are protected by coral reefs. 
Severe Tropical Cyclone Pam passed over Vanuatu on 13 and 14 March 2015 and is regarded as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the islands. Recovery efforts began shortly after the storm passed, and international aid has been arriving in the archipelago. Tens of thousands of people are known to have been left homeless. Potentially damaged areas in Efate Island have been quickly mapped using Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite data. DEIMOS-2 VHR images can provide useful information in disaster affected areas.