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DEIMOS-2 Image of the Week (acquired 22/5/2015): Muscat, Oman

This image shows the city of Muscat, the capital of Oman. Muscat means ‘safe anchorage’, and mostly of city´s life and economy is built around the sea. Through the sea people arrive on cruise ships and goods are brought in containers to the historic ports of Old Muscat and Mutrah. It contributes to the city’s economy through the onshore refinery near Qurm, and provides a livelihood for fishermen along the beaches of Shatti al-Qurm and Athaiba. More recently, it has also become a source of recreation at Al-Bustan and Bandar Jissah, and along the sandy beach that stretches almost without interruption from Muscat to the border with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), over 200km to the northwest.