Project Description

DEIMOS-2 Image of the week (acquired 29/10/2014): Lisbon

This image shows the city of Lisbon, the Portugal’s hilly capital. Lisbon is a coastal city known for its cafe culture and soulful Fado music. It is continental Europe’s westernmost capital city and it lies in the western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the River Tagus. 
At the image’s bottom right is visible the São Jorge Castle and the pastel-colored buildings of the Alfama district. Alfama, which name derives from the Arabic Al-hamma, means fountains or baths, and it’s the oldest Lisbon’s district.
The image then encompasses Alcântara, once a Lisbon’s suburb, reaching the 25 de Abril suspension bridge at the bottom left. The 25 de Abril bridge was inaugurated in 1966 and connects Lisbon to the municipality of Almada on the south bank of the Tagus river.