Project Description

DEIMOS-2 Image of the Week (acquired 4/4/2015): Tampa, Florida

This image shows the city of Tampa, Florida, USA, where from 4 to 8 May is being held the ASPRS Imaging & Geospatial Technology Forum (IGTF) and the Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) Workshop. The hotel where the conference takes place is visible in the image´s center. Elecnor Deimos Imaging is exhibitor at the conference, being part of the exciting technology floor. The IGTF conference involves the world’s leading suppliers of imaging and geospatial systems, component manufacturers, operators and service companies. More than 1,000 imaging and geospatial information professionals gather from around the globe for IGTF 2015. Attendees are imaging and geospatial managers from corporations, government agencies, consultants, educators, researchers, students and field surveyors.