Project Description

DEIMOS-2 Image of the Week (acquired 4/4/2015): Tripoli, Libya

This image shows the airport and surroundings of the city of Tripoli, Libya. 
The large majority of Libya is covered by the Sahara Desert, besides its narrow 1,200 mile coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, where almost 80% of its population lives. 
Libya´s largest city is the capital, Tripoli. The city is located in the country´s northwestern part, on the edge of the saharan desert and facing the Mediterranean Sea. The blue and green seawater and the white wave espumes characterize the upper part of the image. Airplanes parked in the airport´s runway can be seen in the image´s center. Along the coastline (upper left) three tall buildings under construction can be distinguished by their shadows. Tripoli, was designed by the Romans, and was considered one of the most exotic destinations on the planet.