Emergency Services 

European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA): 

Description: The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) was established to ensure a high, uniform and effective level of maritime safety and pollution prevention by ships. Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 are part of the Copernicus Maritime Surveillance (CMS) service managed by EMSA. Responsiveness is a key element for the provision of EO-based information for maritime surveillance & security. Deimos Imaging continuously proves its ability to adapt its emergency service for EMSA.

Temporal window of the project: EMSA#1; start date from December 15th, 2016 - full-service acceptance and commencement of operations. EMSA#2 resolved in 2Q 2018, initial operations in July, 2020.

Within the project: Deimos Imaging (DMI) provided updated areas to EMSA up to 4 hours before acquisition (maximum cut-off time). DMI was able to adapt its processing chain and internal workflows for all high-level requirements set by EMSA and delivered data in under 30 minutes.


ESA-Copernicus VHR:

Description: ESA's REACT team performs as a hub to forward requests from EU Institutions, public entities and research projects for data provision, both in emergency and standard service levels. Based on the requests and specifications from those stakeholders, the REACT team selects the most suitable missions and places the request. Deimos Imaging delivers the products which are compliant with requirements following a complex procedure. ESA has complete Deimos Imaging coverage of Europe, with 50 cm-class satellites (VHR).

Temporal window of the project: Start date April 1st, 2014 – to present. Specific emergency requests may be received at any time 24/7.

Within the project: Deimos-2 (D2) monitors the impact of COVID-19 over the world, supporting the European Commission through the provision of D2 products (archive and new acquisition). 


satellite imagery

Coverage of the disputed South China Sea

Description: The ''Big 3'' islands; Subi, Mischief and Fiery Cross Reef have undergone major construction of military and dual-use infrastructures. Complementing the situational awareness picture for any mission, anywhere in the world is crucial for defense and security organizations. Deimos Imaging provides actionable intelligence for remote and conflict-prone areas without the risk and cost of having people on-site.  

Temporal window of the project: Start date: January 2015 – End date: January 2016.

Within the project: Deimos imaging managed integrated operations for tipping & cueing between its two satellites. Deimos-2 imagery showed the ongoing construction of new facilities while Deimos-1 illustrated change detection of wide-areas.


Flooding damage assessment in Kerala, India

Description: Following unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season, severe flooding affected the southern Indian state of Kerala in August 2018. It was the worst flooding in the region in almost a century, with nearly 500 victims. 

Temporal window of the campaign: August 2018.

Within the campaign: Deimos-2 (D2) captured images before and after the heavy floods hit the area.


Greece's Wildfires:

Description: In July 2018, Greece suffered one of its worst wildfires in a decade. More than 80 people died, thousands were evacuated and more than 1,500 homes were damaged when the fire razed the resort of Mati (about 28 Kilometers/17 miles east of Athens).

Temporal window of the campaign: July 2018.

Within the campaign: Deimos imaging was the first company to provide satellite imagery to the Hellenic Military Geographic Service.

Deimos-2 (D2) captured images before and after the fire ravaged the area.