Imagery Services

Our accurate, scientific-quality imagery forms the foundation of our best-in-class services.


Accurate satellite imagery for informed decision-making.

No matter what information you’re looking for, our unique, scientific-quality satellite imagery will help you find it. By subscribing to our imagery service, you can get everything from medium- to ultra-high-resolution imagery delivered directly into your dedicated environment.

Key benefits

Extensive portfolio of products and tailored services.

Our Virtual Satellite Constellation contains a variety of sensors, with resolutions that make them suitable for many different applications.

Best-in-class imagery.

Our quality validation team process all our imagery ensuring that the images you get are analytics-ready, cosistent and as accurate as possible.

Increased observation frequency and coverage.

We know it's crucial for you to have the freshest imagery, so we are committed to delivering your imagery as frequently as you want it.
Our approach

How we take your satellite images.

Getting hold of our imagery is simple. All we need to task our satellites is three pieces of information from you.

Did you know…
Each of our satellites orbits the earth 14 times a day?

Step 1 - Location

Your area of interest.

Tell us which areas you are interested in or where your activity or business is located. We’ll use that information to task our satellites to capture that location.

Step 2 - Resolution

Your resolution or application.

Let us know which resolution you need. If you aren’t sure which resolution would be best, tell us how you want to use the images and we’ll advise you on the best fit resolution.

Ranging from 20m to 16m per pixel, multispectral medium-resolution imagery is useful for large-scale coverage in agriculture, environmental protection and forestry, among other applications.

Imagery from 1.5m/pixel to 10m/pixel. High resolution imagery is useful for regional to city-level coverage and to detect medium to large objects.

These datasets range from 0.70m/pixel to 1m/pixel. Useful for identifying medium to large objects or covering small parcels of land.

Ranging from 0.5m/pixel or less, ultra-high-resolution imagery is useful for capturing small and fragmented landscapes, identifying small objects such as ships, monitoring pipelines, construction and other infrastructures.

More about our satellites
Step 3 - Frequency


Let us know how often would you like us to capture your area of interest. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?

Getting started

How to get imagery.

Contact us to get the imagery that matters to you.


Image archive

Buy existing imagery.

Order existing multi-spectral imagery from our archive.


Order fresh imagery.

Need new imagery? Get fresh images quickly through our imagery service.

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