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Delivering dependable insights from our Virtual Satellite Constellation.

Our analytics-ready satellite imagery contains valuable information which can be used to solve the challenges you face in your day-to-day business whether you’re an agriculturalist, business analyst, trader or corporate policy specialist. Together with our partners, we uncover actionable information from our imagery to bring you an end-to-end geoinformation solution. View and discover our civil engineering story map:

Key benefits

Get the most out of your land.

Save resources and maximise your yield. Use seasonal monitoring to reveal crop health data which will help you add fertiliser, pesticides and water only where they're needed.

Help your budget go further.

The information our imagery uncovers could help you reduce costs in areas like human resources and site surveillance.

Make the right decision, faster.

Our insights could help you to make better decision to save our planet, like giving you the information you need to act quickly during oil spills and other environmental disasters.

Revealing insights for better decision-making.

Homing in on the big picture in the South China Sea.

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Urban growth and change

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Get a closer look at your land, from 2 million feet above.

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Industries we work wit
Land Administration & Mapping
Emergency & Disaster Management
Forestry & Environment
Oil & Gas
Defense & Security

Unlocking Earth Observation's full potential.

We work with our partners, using our high-quality imagery and analytics expertise to extract insights that help you make the right decisions.


Our accurate, scientific-quality imagery forms the foundation of our best-in-class services.

+ Analytics

We bring imagery to life by applying analytics to extract the insights that matter to you.

= Insights

We go beyond imagery, revealing the insights that help you make better-informed decisions, for a better world.
Our partners

Partnering to create the perfect solution for you.

We choose our partners carefully, working with them to deliver a solution that’s tailored to your needs. Our experienced team validates the data quality and consistency, and ensure the delivery of reliable analytics-ready imagery to you.

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