ViSOR (Virtual Sensor Ordering Resource)


ViSOR: the powerful interface that supports & completes any activity involving satellite imagery. A multi-mission analysis application where you can acquire all the imagery you need by managing our Constellation of Satellites, not only from Deimos Imaging’s own sensors but from its partners. You take control & define where, when, and how to perform your request. ViSOR provides you: ·high quality data ·feasibility studies ·tailor-made satellite tasking requests of any area of interest anywhere in the world.

All information at a glance, multiple options to choose, high-quality data, tailor-made solutions.


    • +30 satellites management: choose a sensor & capture any area anywhere in the world
    • Powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI): intuitive and interactive performance of all of user’s operations
    • Area of interest management: import, export, edit, draw & multi-polygon designs to define user’s own area of interest
    • Earth Overview: world maps, sensor swaths, ground stations coverage, satellites’ ground track, 3D/2D world projection, etc.
    • Cloud Forecasting provided by NOAA weather service up to 16 days before the capture, which allows to search for the best cloud-free images
    • Opportunities analysis: gathering the best acquisitions according to user’s search parameters. Capture’s editing & management, based on customer needs
    • Area of interest studies: coverage & capture’s simulations extremely useful to quantify time and resources that are invested in imaging campaigns and feasibility studies
    • Satellite tasking orders: requests & planning of new acquisitions from Deimos & partners missions. Orders are included into the satellite plan of the mission’s provider
    • Tasking order status & follow up: orders’ updates available anytime. From acquisition planning till product delivery

More Features:

Order request management

  • Searching for opportunities, intersections and coverages available for each satellite
  • Information about when the satellite will pass through the area of interest
  • Selecting & editing the satellite sensor swath
  • User decides & schedules the time of capture
  • Quick response time
  • Access to our internal catalogue
  •     Emergency & 24/7 acquisitions (fast product delivery)
  •     Priority & delivery adapted to customer’s needs
  •     High quality data for actionable insights
  •     Easy handling table-based acquisitions
  •     Direct link to the acquisition quick look and final product download
  •     Common interface Deimos Imaging-customer

ViSOR’s services & fees are annual and renewable.