Fresh DEIMOS-1 image captured snow-blanketed agricultural structures in Groningen, northeasternmost province of the Netherlands, following winter blast in Europe.

Around 80 per cent of the land in this region is used for agriculture. First farmers were cattle breeders but, since the 19th century, most of them switched over to arable farming and crops. Horticulture farming and the lucrative bulb-growing industry are increasing more and more their importance, with flowers coloring and embellishing these fields during spring and early summer.

The Netherlands is a flat country with regular rain and a fertile soil. These make great conditions for rational agriculture and high yields and, with the use of precision agriculture technologies, farmers can get the most out of their crops. Space-based technology and satellite imagery have become essential tools to monitor and understand yields and to increase profits on both farms and the economy of countries where agriculture is a key activity.