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Your Challenge

Precision farming requires accurate, frequent and on-time signals to infer changes of agricultural lands, monitor productivity and forecast yield levels. It is crucial to enable precision agriculture through innovative, productive and sustainable farm management and to generate new insights for water conservation, pesticide reduction and optimal planting cycles.

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Our Solution

Our high- quality and precisely calibrated sensors can support your precision farming information needs. We provide a wide range of multi-sensor, multi-spectral and multi-resolution imagery which enables frequent monitoring from continental up to plot-level scale.

Our Products

Medium Resolution (MR) Product:

the perfect tool for large parcels and national phenomena monitoring, such as drought assessment, crop type mapping, food security and overstock risk assessment.

Very High and High Resolution (VHR & HR) Product:

your ideal solution for intra-field surveillance, access to information inside small parcels <0.05 ha, disease detection, water stress, yield estimation, information on irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides, inventory and plot delineation.

Precision agriculture at continental scale: MR product in use

Deimos Imaging's MR solution has been on an agricultural mission for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which has used Deimos-1 and its twin UK-DMC-2 as its main satellite imagery source to monitor and classify more than 100 crop types every day across the U.S. since 2011. As a part of the program, the USDA is provided with complete coverage of the contiguous U.S. every 15 days during the growing season (April to October), more than 90% cloud-free and with daily acquisitions. Every day, for six months out of each year, more than 1-million km2 of cloud-free data is delivered and orthorectified with <1 pixel GSD accuracy, which allows for high-quality multi-temporal analyses. Most of this data is delivered in less than 24 hours from acquisition.

Timely coverage of the United States’ (CONUS) vegetation during the growing season, from May to September, showing the phenological evolution of the crops.

Crop Plots precision analysis

The frequency of fresh imagery provided to USDA, allows for the management of crop field irrigation with unprecedented precision. The status of every 20×20-m area is assessed every two days and irrigation can be commanded with incredible precision, resulting in huge water savings and a large increase in crop yields. This near-daily monitoring allows for the early detection of crop illnesses, enabling the farmer to take quick action to minimize crop damage.

Actionable insights to boost yield production

Crops identification and extension extracted from the USDA Cropscape

Precision agriculture, everywhere, every day with UrtheDaily™

UrtheDaily™ is a planned global coverage constellation aiming to acquire high-quality, multispectral imagery of the entire landmass every day. The spectral bands of the constellation are specifically selected to match Landsat-8/Sentinel-2/RapidEye/Deimos- 1 bands to ease the constant and automatic in-flight cross-calibration with trusted references, minimize the effects due to atmospheric variations, and to provide improved accuracy of key information products. Whether you are future-focused or exploring the past, you can get constant and reliable access to the data on the cloud and get the entire global landmass, every day, directly into your applications.

The road to UrtheDaily™

Our flexible virtual constellation, formed by over 30 multi-resolution sensors - including 20 operational satellites with 1m or better resolution - greatly increases our revisit capabilities and allows us to offer a wide range of information products, services and customizable solutions. This unique foundational data offer is all harmonized in the same environment. Our state-of-the-art solutions enable efficient analytics and unlock the potential for you to make informed decisions.

UrtheDaily™ precursor solution

The UrtheDaily™ precursor MR service offers a complete coverage of a country the size of India every 5-7 days with cross-calibrated multi-spectral data with a spatial resolution between 20 and 30 meters.

Very-High-Resolution service

This Very-High-Resolution Monitoring Service offers a complete coverage of agriculture areas the size of India with pansharpened and Multi Spectral imagery with a spatial resolution of 3 m and 0.75 m respectively, collected over a few months.